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NASA's "LADEE" satellite crashed on moon's surface

NASA's Moon orbiting satellite LADEE crashed on moon surface as planned.

LADEE stands for: Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer.
The LADEE was launched earlier this year in September from Virginia. The satellite was designed to measure the gases formed by the micrometeorites orbiting around the moon.

The satellite was not designed to survive for long but still it survived this long. The satellite was orbiting the moon's orbit at 3600 mph (5800 kph). Flight controls confirmed on Friday that the satellite has crashed on the surface of the moon and as planned it was crashed at the back side of the moon away from Apollo monuments which are considered landmarks on moon's surface which are the memories of moon walking in the era 1962-1972. No satellite debris has expected to be survived to be seen due to its extreme orbital speed as the satellite crashed on the rocky and dusty surface of the darkened side moon.

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