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All About Your Immune System


What is the immune system?


  • Physical barriers (skin, mucous, and the cell linings of the digestive tract, veins, and arteries)
  • 发送免疫信号的细胞
  • 捍卫身体的细胞



  1. Sunlight exposure helps increase vitamin D: a nutrient associated with immune health.
  2. Managing stress in healthy ways can counteract the negative effects of on-going stress on your immune system.
  3. 炎症可能是免疫反应的健康组成部分,因为您的身体“战斗”以保持健康。
  4. Healthy sleep habits support a healthy immune response.
  5. Supporting gut health with a healthy diet, probiotics, and prebiotics – as supplements when appropriate – also plays a role in promoting immune health.

The Immune System’s Function

您的免疫系统有两种类型的反应:先天和适应性。先天免疫系统是一种非特定的反应 - 您的第一道防线。它由标准的白细胞组成。但是,存在一些挑战,天生的免疫反应无法自行清楚。这就是自适应免疫系统所在的地方 - 一种由专门的白细胞(称为B细胞和T细胞)组成的特定反应,这些反应引发了靶向防御。B细胞会引起挑战,因此您的先天免疫系统被激活,而T细胞则可以两次消除挑战。您的免疫细胞会做所有这些工作,以保护您作为快速而计算的响应

Weak vs. Strong Immune System

When the immune system is weak, we are more vulnerable to a variety of symptoms that can keep us from feeling our best. When the immune system is strong, we are more likely to thrive. When a person has a ‘strong’ immune system, they are more likely to have the following qualities. On the opposite end of the spectrum, a person with a weak immune system would be more likely to have qualities seen on the ‘weak’ list.


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How to Strengthen Your Immune System

In every system of the body, cells and tissues need nutrition for energy to support daily activities that keep the body functioning. The immune system is no different. Proper nutrition, specifically including zinc and vitamin D, is a key part of the equation for strengthening your immune system.

Vitamin D is a micronutrient that assists with immune tolerance and inflammation regulation. It supports both the innate and adaptive immune responses. Many people require vitamin D supplementation as sources of this micronutrient include limited whole food options and direct access to sunlight.

Zinc is a trace mineral that is vital in maintaining the integrity of human body’s physical barrier, as well as the innate immune response. Zinc is also involved in the output of T and B cells, and a zinc deficiency would negatively impact the activation of cellular immunity.

Immune System Supplements


Immune System Health Pack

方便的日常免疫系统支持包,其中包含免疫物®,弹路®F, Cataplex®C和乳酸钙

Immune System Health Pack – Vegetarian

Convenient, everyday vegetarian immune system support packs that contain Epimune Complex, Cataplex®D, and Echinacea-C™

Epimune Complex

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