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Health and Safety Are Our Top Priority

From Vegan to Gluten-Free Supplements, We Support the Needs of Dietary Restrictions

Having a dietary restriction or preference can make proper nutrition a challenge – even a risk. Through careful selection of ingredients and clear labeling, we confidently offer safe supplement options for the following common allergens and dietary requirements.

Explore Products Based on Specific Dietary Needs


Standard Process products labeled asVeganare devoid of animal-based tissue, animal-based gelatin, or fish oils. They are also devoid of animal-based ingredients such as dairy, eggs, honey, beeswax, and lanolin.


Standard Process products labeled asVegetarianare considered lacto-ovo vegetarian, which means they are devoid of animal-based tissue, animal-based gelatin, or fish oil. They may contain animal-based ingredients such as dairy, eggs, honey, beeswax, or lanolin.

USDA Organic

When you see our products labeled asUSDA Organic, that means they have been certified as Organic by a USDA-accredited certifying agent.


Standard Process products labeled asGluten-Freehave been tested to verify they meet the regulations associated with the United States Food and Drug Administration’s gluten-free labeling


Standard Process products labeled asNon-DairyorNon-Dairy Formulahave been formulated to not contain milk or milk-derived ingredients.


Standard Process products labeled asNon-SoyandNon-Soy Formulaare products that have not been formulated to contain soy or soy-derived ingredients.


Standard Process products labeled asNon-GrainorNon-Grain Formulahave been formulated to not contain any true cereal grain or grain-derived ingredients such as those from wheat, rice, oats, cornmeal, barley, or another cereal grain.

Whole Grains Compatible with Many Common Diets

我们的高质量,经过认证的有机全谷物bring healthful living into the kitchen. Full of vital nutrients, they provide health benefits that improve quality of life. All products are certified organic and many are compatible with common diets, including acid alkaline diet, Atkins diet, gluten-free diet, low-carb diet, macrobiotic diet, and the Mediterranean diet.

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Products Backed by Clinical Research

Our scientists verify the quality, purity, and integrity of our ingredients by running up to 2,100 tests per week. Using state-of-the-art equipment, the team at our Nutrition Innovation Center also conducts innovative research that helps us to develop new targeted formulations as well as substantiate existing ones. We go the extra step to ensure confidence in choosing Standard Process.

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