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60 Wafers
A woman and her daughter blowing bubbles.
60 Wafers
A woman and her daughter blowing bubbles.

SP Children’s™ Immune

SP Children’s™ Immune is a chewable supplement for kids ages 4 and older that delivers key nutrients for proper immune system functioning and development.*

SP Children’s™ Immune

Introduced in 2022

SP Children’s™ Immune is a chewable supplement for kids ages 4 and older that delivers key nutrients for proper immune system functioning and development.*
  • Supports the immune system*
  • Contains prebiotic 2’-FL and bovine colostrum
  • Made from whole food-based ingredients
  • Draws flavor from organic ingredients: elderberry and whole strawberry
  • Is an excellent source of vitamin D, zinc, and antioxidant vitamin C

The immune system is responsible for keeping out foreign substances, protecting the body, and helping maintain wellness through a person’s lifespan. When nutrition is poor, a healthy immune response can be compromised.1On the other hand, consuming adequate amounts of essential nutrients is crucial to the immune response’s function and development.1Fortunately, SP Children’s™ Immune is designed for everyday support to encourage a lifetime of wellness.

Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Zinc: Where Immune Systems Get Their Strength

Vitamin C, vitamin D, and zinc are vitally important for the immune system throughout all life stages, including childhood.1SP Children’s™ Immune is an excellent source of all three.

  • Children needVitamin Cfor a functioning immune system2
  • Vitamin Dis a regulator of immune function1
  • Zincis an essential mineral for immune system function3

Contains Prebiotic 2’-FL and Colostrum

The largest immune organ in the body is the GI tract. That’s why SP Children’s™ Immune contains important ingredients that may support the gut and may contribute to a healthy immune system response*:

  • 2’-FL, a prebiotic first identified in human milk, is able to reach the lower GI tract4-9where it is broken down to feed the growth of beneficial microbes6-11*^
  • Bovine colostrum is sourced from a whole food (cow’s milk) and supports a normal healthy immune response in the GI tract12

^To date, shown in multiple animal studies, infants, and one adult human study.

Made Safe and Effective for Children

In a taste and tolerance study, SP Children's™ Immune was considered safe and well-tolerated by children between 4 to 17 years old. No indications of adverse effects were observed.

Like all Standard Process products, SP Children's™ Immune is subject to a rigorous quality control program. Our scientists run as many as 2,000 tests every week on raw materials, in-process product batches, and finished products so that we can be sure what is in the bottle reflects what is on the label.

Frequently Asked Questions

Throughout a person’s lifespan, the immune system is responsible for keeping out foreign substances and protecting the body. Though it is often thought of as a singular system, it actually consists of two separate sub-systems: innate immunity, and adaptive immunity.

The average, properly trained adult immune system has fully developed tolerance. Because children have naive adaptive immune systems, they tend to rely more on their innate system (which is often fully functional by two years of age) than an average adult.

Following initial innate responses, the fragments left from an environmental challenge are then presented to the adaptive immune system cells to ultimately develop long-lasting memory. Ensuring the proper concentration of macro- and micronutrients is critical for a child’s health and prepares the child’s immune system for future encounters.

Visit for more information.

The chewable format is specific to children 4 and older, and the nutrient amounts delivered are targeted for children between the ages of 4 and 17.

While this product is formulated for children’s immune systems, yes, an adult could take this product.

This product contains dairy (cow’s milk) and strawberries.

The dairy in the product comes from the colostrum ingredient, which is produced by cows on the first day of milking. It is a naturally occurring source of immunoglobulins.

SP Children’s™ Immune contains 2’-FL, which is the functional prebiotic (“working” prebiotic) and is also considered a sugar. There is no high-fructose corn syrup added as a sweetener. The product draws from organic, whole food ingredients — elderberry and strawberry — to give it a sweeter flavor.

Yes. This product contains no genetically modified-ingredients.

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Suggested Use:

For children ages 4 and older, chew two wafers per day.

Warning:Keep out of reach of children.

SP Children's Immune, 60 Wafers, Rev 02 Supplement Facts Image Supplement Facts

Nutrients & Ingredients

Each Serving Size (2 wafers) contains: Vitamin C 25 mg, Vitamin D 15 mcg, Zinc 6 mg, 2'-Fucosyllactose 1200 mg, Colostrum (bovine) 500 mg. Proprietary Blend 426 mg: Organic strawberry fruit powder, organic elderberry fruit powder, organic guar fiber, organic beet (root), and monk fruit extract. Other Ingredients: Organic camu camu (berry), organic manioc (root), zinc amino acid (rice) chelate, calcium stearate, acacia fiber, and cholecalciferol. Contains: Milk.

Please consult the product packaging label for the most accurate product information.

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